About Us

A proud past, an exciting future.

Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of ammonium nitrate-based products essential for a wide variety of important applications, especially in mining and agriculture. Apache is well-known as being a responsible supplier of dependable, top-quality products and a provider of innovative business solutions.

Our plant is located near St. David, Arizona, where the company was established in 1920. Since its earliest days, the corporation – originally known as Apache Powder Company—has been vital to the economy and lifestyle of Cochise County and the southeastern Arizona region.

A World Class Goal

Today the company is still driven by the same core values and principles of our founders, who insisted on personal policies of honesty, integrity, respect and cooperation. Throughout the organization, Apache is dedicated to other critical priorities such as safe working conditions, well-trained employees and a culture of sustainability.

One of Apache’s stated goals is to be recognized as a world leader in our industry. Given our plans, our resources, and our motivated team members, that achievement is well within reach.