Building for the future.

As part of our commitment to our triple bottom line—People, Planet and Profitability—ANPI is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our operations. We've implemented a number of new processes designed to allow our teams to operate more efficiently, while still meeting our industry-leading commitment to safety and delivering a world-class product.

One of ANPI's most noteworthy upgrades in recent years was the 2015 introduction of our Safety Management System (SMS) program. SMS enables everyone in the organization to work more safely...and to continually be getting better at it.

Capital improvements

Our goal is to be recognized as a world-class operation, and that includes our physical plant and facilities.

To that end, ANPI has devoted a significant amount of resources to upgrading and modernizing our current plant site. From investing in a new elevator on our prill tower to everyday enhancements to make the work day more productive, ANPI is committed to the future, and the promise of what our next 100 years will bring.