Safety is our top priority.

At ANPI, we’re committed to safe operations at every stage. Our safety goal is “Target Zero,” which means no accidents, no injuries, no errors. Ever. We can't overemphasize the importance of maintaining a safe working environment, because it makes everything else possible.

In addition to employee/contractor training and physical plant upgrades, our safety program has implemented various teams to monitor and manage potential risks or hazards. From top to bottom, ANPI personnel are trained not only to work safely themselves, but also look out for each other. If someone sees or suspects a problem, they let us know.

Taking safety further.

ANPI's demands for safety go beyond the property lines. Our prevention and response teams also work to help protect the community, our neighbors, and the environment from any harm we can avoid.

Our Community Warning Siren is just one example. If a vapor/gas releases or a spill occurs, a siren with a distinct up and down cycling sound alerts residents. Those within one mile should use their provided Shelter-In-Place kits, and everyone who hears the siren is encouraged to listen to local radio stations for updates. Once the situation is contained, an “all clear” signal sounds, which is a flat tone that does not cycle up and down. This tells residents the potential danger has passed.

ANPI also works to keep its far-away customers safe by requiring extra safety steps in the products we ship from our facilities. Safety is top of mind in everything we do.