Deep roots. Deeper commitment.

ANPI has been an active, involved citizen of Cochise County and southeastern Arizona since our company was founded in 1920. Although a lot has changed during that time – both inside our walls and throughout the region – our goals and standards have never wavered.

Emergency Siren

Our top priority has always been safety. Our Community Warning Siren is just one example of how ANPI works to keep our community safe.

If a spill or vapor release should occur a siren with a distinct up and down cycling sound alerts our neighbors. (You can hear how it sounds with the player below.) Those within one mile of the plant should use their provided Shelter-In-Place kits.

In the unlikely event that there is a possibility of danger beyond the one mile radius from the plant Cochise County Emergency Management will issue alerts with their AlertSense system and also with FEMA's Public Alert and Warning System that sends alerts directly to all cell phones in the effected area.

Once any chance of danger has passed, an “all clear” signal sounds, which is a flat tone that does not cycle up and down. Only the Cochise County Sheriff's Office can issue an "all clear" - which tells residents the potential danger is over.

The Community Warning Siren is tested every Wednesday at 1:00 PM and sounds the warning tone for three minutes.

Going the extra mile, one step at a time.

ANPI is committed to Cochise County, and everyone in it, because we live and work alongside each other here. What impacts one person affects us all, and that's why we put so much emphasis on safety, the environment and advancing earth-friendly practices. We're also dedicated to investing in our region and its neighborhoods.

By giving back to our community through financial stewardship and personal participation, we strive to enhance the quality of life of anyone ANPI touches. That's why we developed the ANPI Community Advisory Council and the Good Neighbor Program. It's further proof that we all rely on each other.