Process Technician - Apprentice

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The Process Technician Apprentice occupation is in the Operations Department. It is an hourly, non-exempt position, reporting to the Operations Supervisor. The primary duties of the Process Technician 1 occupation are to monitor and operate any one of the following operating plants; Bulk Products, Prill, Nitric Acid or Powerhouse, and any other duties as assigned.

Reports to: Operations Supervisor

Train to become a fully competent Process Technician, which involves more responsibility in the production process

Operate rail and truck loading and unloading equipment, including conveyors, belts, buckets, pumps, hoses, etc.

Safely operate rail switch engine (requires good hand coordination); open and close rail switches

Open and close large valves and electrical switches

Open and close valves and gates on trucks and tank/hopper rail cars

Climb on top of trucks and on top of and inside rail cars to inspect interiors

Obtain samples of manufactured or purchased product to facilitate quality control inspection

Perform basic laboratory chemical analysis of products throughout the manufacturing process.

Measure and monitor tank levels

Operate scales

Participate as a member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Provide detailed written records of tasks performed, including tank levels, quantities transferred, relief instructions, etc.

Must be available to work rotating shifts, weekends, nights and holidays